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How we started

From dentistry to set design and beyond


I moved back to Kuwait after working for film production in Toronto. I worked on set design for motion pictures managing everything that has to do do with transforming a space to tell a story...


I was finally free to put all my creativity into the canvas of the set. Using different light techniques and building material. It was magical!

I am still until this very moment, designing for the script that my clients tell me.



The beginnings 

Scenarios story started in the the unlikely alleys of The School of Medicine!  After two years trying to become a dentist, I realized that it was NOT FOR ME. I loved the idea of working with my hands, but dentistry was not it, specially after my professor told me, jokingly, that my hands are too big to work in patient's small mouths. 

The inspiration

I had to find find my passion elsewhere and eventually found myself in Toronto, a melting pot of culture and design. There, I discovered film production. And started an academic journey in multi-media and Film Production. Graduated with Honors from Ryerson University and started a career in set design. This time was invigorating and a turning point in my life. I was able to cultivate my creativity and bring my ideas to life. With my "big hands"!


I mastered the use of light and shade, used different materials and created spaces that told stories. 


I was always on time and on budget. I know what it takes to have the perfect balance between creativity and reality.

The now

As we grow, we realize the need to collaborate with designers in local and international markets; we decided to open our showroom to offer exclusive pieces. 


The showroom, the workshop, and the designers we working with are not only business partners, they are friends and collaborators who share the same passion we do, and believe in the same energy that we have. together, we're ready to grow our business and share what we are all passionate about. 

The future

We believe that it is our responsibility to stay true to our beliefs as a creative team. And we cherish our client’s loyalty which is a solid testament to our commitment to ethical standards; to be truthful, transparent, committed, and to listen to our client’s needs. 

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