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Image by Mohammad Metri

SAN glasses

The eye-shadow glasses

Made by Anatolia's first female optometrist  


SAN GLASSES is a luxury eyewear brand dedicated to one of Turkey’s first female opticians, Sema San, who established herself as a pioneer in eye care in the late 60s.  The brand itself is a reflection of the diverse colors of Anatolia’s mosaic industry and the artisanship of its craftsmen. Our sunglasses are handmade in Turkey from acetate and 14 carat gold plated frames  providing a perfect combination between modernity and authenticity. We are the first and only brand (in the world) to design the iconic two-shade lenses with carefully selected colors, aiming to create an instant 'eye shadow' effect. We combine this with geometric frames designed to accentuate the eyes, not hide them. 


A two-sided anti-reflective coating on top of high UV protection  is a testament to our commitment to exceed the standard in eyewear. The San family's 60 year old collection of vintage luxury glasses reflects the nostalgic love the San Family has for eyewear. This collection continues to inspire our design strategy until today. This is one of the reasons behind the brand’s popularity among Turkish influencers, celebrities as well as prominent Turkish names as you can see on our instagram account.


Our mission is to always  ‘create and innovate'  as did Ms. Sema San. We carry her message forward as a tribute to her commitment to excellence. 

What makes SANglasses different?

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MEMO sunglasses

MEMO SUNGLASSES is inspired by the changing colors of Istanbul.

Debuting MEMOmatic (TM) lenses which change colors under sunlight while transparent inside, most MEMO sunglasses frames are 14 carat gold plated, designed by Selin Olmsted in square forms and handmade in Istanbul.

MEMO's lenses feature anti reflective coating and UV filter.  MEMOmatic lenses which can be safely worn while working with computers or watching TV when transparent, become a perfect pair of Category 2 sunglasses in seconds, changing into pink, purple, blue and green under direct sunlight. The colormatic feature provides an automatic blue-ray filter.

In addition, MEMO features double gradient lenses, providing a perfect cosmetic effect in addition to their instant make up effect for ladies. Category 3 darkness lenses can also be found on selected MEMO styles, providing best sun protection for sunny days.

MEMO frames come in 14 carat gold plated, silver and black options. a 3D printed frame is on the way as well as a transparent acetate version.

Mr. Mehmet San (a.k.a. MEMO), one of the first Turkish opticians, whom we get our inspiration says: “When I look back, I love every single day of my 60 years career as an optician, trying to make you see the world better. Now, it is the time to color our memories. I hope your MEMO SUNGLASSES show you beautiful things and let you forgive, love and see with your heart.”

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