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Image by Mohammad Metri

San Glasses

The instant eye-makeup glasses

Made by Anatolia's first female optometrist  

SAN GLASSES is a luxury eyewear brand dedicated to Turkey’s first female optician, Dr.  Sema San, who established herself as a pioneer in eye care in the early 60s.  The brand itself is a reflection of the diverse colors of Anatolia’s mosaic industry and the artisanship of its craftsmen. Our sunglasses are made in Turkey from Italian-produced frames,  providing a perfect combination between modernity and authenticity. We are the the first and only brand (in the world) to design the iconic two-shade lenses with carefully selected colors, aiming to create an instant 'eye shadow' effect. We combine this with geometric frames designed to accentuate the eyes, not hide them.  A two-sided UV protection is a testament to our commitment to exceed the standard in eye ware.  The San Glasses' 60 years old collection of exclusive vintage luxury glasses reflects the nostalgic love the San Family has for eye glasses. This exclusive collection continues to influence our design strategy until today.


Our mission is to always  ‘create and innovate'  as did mama Sema San in the past, we carry her message forward as a tribute to her commitment to excellence. 

What makes SAN different?

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